SMS advertising


Nowadays a great deal can be done through sms. For instance, the exchange of short messages or sending a card, however also taking out a loan, buying a flight ticket or an event pass as well as paying for parking. SMSing has become such a natural and daily process that it takes us by no surprise when it is used for marketing purposes. SMS has become so popular that operators competing with each other have been lowering prices virtually down to zero.

Thus it is clear that carrying out promotions and games with the help of sms is much more effective than for instance, sending out letters or throwing coupons into the boxes available at shopping areas. SMS is probably the most attractive, convenient and fastest way for a customer to take part in a promotion. How is it beneficial to you?

• you will not have to worry about the production and delivery of boxes to shopping centres around the whole of Lithuania;
• it will eliminate the need to collect information from various different places as the data will not disappear;
• there will be no need to enter the data into the database as it will be placed there automatically;
• the participants will save time by not having to send a letter as well as buying stamps and an envelope;
• texts are received straight away once they have been sent.

Why should you choose us? Firstly, because we own a patent, that means we are the only ones in Lithuania who have the license to store data about participants and to later use it in the advertising promotions of our clients, which are not related to the previous games/promotions. Right now we have access to around 60 000 subscribers, who we can sms the information to concerning your products, promotions, games etc.

We offer:
• ideas for your promotion;
• short sms number – 19911;
• rules for the game;
• publicity for the promotion.

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