Sales Promotion

Another way to promote sales is through presentations and degustations. The main advantage of degustations and presentations is direct contact with the new buyers and also the loyalty of existing consumers as well as the ability to increase the awareness of the company.
During degustations and presentations consumers can sample new products, which is of great importance as it plays a significant role when making the final decision – to buy or not to buy. Moreover, during an active degustation, consumers have the chance to ask questions and receive direct answers thus finding out more information about the product.
When exactly should this nonstandard advertising method be practised?
• when your intention is to introduce a new product and all its qualities to the consumer;
• introducing an unknown product to consumers;
• advertising of popular products and maintaining consumer awareness;
• informing of certain popular seasonal products;
• increasing sales of certain products that are experiencing poor sales.
It is important to organise degustations and product presentations not only in shopping places but other venues too such as schools, night clubs, cafes, densely crowded areas etc.
Our experience in organising degustations and presentations dates back to 2001 giving us knowledge of different presentation methods of various products. Due to our understanding that every detail counts, we will provide you with degustation and presentation equipment; a selection of professionals who will present the product; training that will inform them about your product; certain venue selection for your degustation or presentation according to your wishes; degustation control and result analysis.
Degustations and presentations can be organised in all of the Baltic States. In Lithuania alone we have accumulated the data on more than 300 freelance employees. We will personally select the most suitable experts taking into account the product or service you wish to advertise.
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