Representation of trade marks


Nowadays, brands do not just create an image for products and services, it also serves as the image for each consumer too. If one lists their favourite brand names, we can find out a wealth of information – starting with their financial, social and family status as well as their daily habits and how they spend their leisure time.

These are the thoughts of branding professional, Wally Olins. We will ensure that your brand takes the leading position on the consumers‘ personal lists of favourite brands. We promise to:

• create the name, logo, slogan and the entire brand (as well as expansions of the brand – the subrands and the brandbook);
• implement the registration;
• place the brand into the market;
• develop the brand and rebrand it when necessary;
• carry out all research and analysis of the brand.

What does brand research consist of?

Brand research will provide you with information allowing you to attain more effective marketing results. It will serve as a means to create, realise and value the effectiveness of marketing. Due to brand research you will be able to:

• ascertain how well the brand is known;
• try out new marketing strategies;
• evaluate former advertising campaigns;
• evaluate the results of marketing campaigns;
• help develop and improve marketing ideas.

What does our research consist of?

• how respondents of different ages, sex and social statuses value a certain brand name;
• we compare how well the brand name is known in comparison to that of any competitors;
• the effect of advertising to how well the brand name is known;
• what factors influence perception of the brand.

The “Green“ brand names

Since the world is becoming increasingly more aware of its environment, it is no surprise that the “green“ brand names are having more influence on consumers‘ choice. “Green brands“ are associated with the ecofriendly policies of a company.

You can convey your ecological initiatives to the consumers so that when they buy your products they can also contribute to the protection of the environment. This can be done with our cooperation:

• creating the “green“ company, brand, product or service brand name;
• renewing or complementing your brand with the “green tendencies“
• organising environmentally aware advertising campaigns;
• implementing “green“ marketing.

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