Promotional material distribution


If Mahommed will not go to the mountain, the mountain must come to Mohammed. We can make a promise that the presentation of your products or services will directly reach the purposive group.
Nowadays, there are not many people who doubt the effectiveness of marketing. It is simple and relatively inexpensive to achieve great results (i.e. increased sales). Benefits of advertising material distribution can be discovered through the monitoring of sales.
It is not recommended by the specialists in advertising to repeat one‘s actions if the information material package has been distributed successfully i.e. resulting in increased sales. On the contrary, the tactics of your actions regarding the consumers should be slightly altered.
• If the distribution to certain addresses of the advertising material has resulted in a sales boom it does not necessarily imply that the result will be the same second time round. Consumers should not be overloaded with information. It is best to remind them about yourselves by providing them with discounts or special offers that way increasing consumer loyalty.
• The more often the consumer sees your brand name, the more likely it is that they will buy your product or service.
• Another way to increase your consumer base is by expanding the area where the purposive population resides. That means to keep distributing the advertising material to the people living further out from where the company is based. This way the awareness of your company is gradually increased.
• Not all consumers will take interest in the advertisement offers they receive, however it is easier to determine the number of potential buyers than by using the usual advertising. By measuring the effectiveness of certain advertising campaigns it will be clear which ones work and which ones do not.
These are just a few “game rules“ of direct marketing, which can be applied to your needs. At the moment we have around 300 registered freelance workers around Lithuania, who will distribute your advertising material in a fast and effective way. This service applies to all three Baltic States.
Distribution in exhibitions, streets and events
This method of advertising is effective when distributing invitations to events, exhibitions and concerts. If the event is for people who engage themselves in a certain type of activity we will distribute the information in gatherings of a similar nature. Information about mass events or ones for a wide selection of the population can be simply distributed on the streets.
Distribution by post
If your aim is to reach a specific consumer base personally, then the most suitable method would be direct advertising via post. We have accumulated a considerable consumer database allowing us to select a purposive consumer base by their age, city of residence, sex and then send out your advertising material, catalogue or an invitation to an exhibition. The letter or package will reach the potential client directly.
Distribution of prizes or gifts
This service is offered to clients who organise various lotteries. We can also deliver different prizes or gifts to the list of winners provided by you.

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