Organization of Events


The taste of your lunch is not always determined by how hungry you are, similarly, the success of the event is not determined by just one factor, namely the participants of the seminar. It is a number of small things such as an optimal stock evaluation, appropriate venue, well-organised event itinery, smooth running of participant movement during the breaks etc. will ensure an outcome where everyone will be content.
The “Vexillum“ team can carry out all event organisation tasks from A to Z:
Selection of best event ideas;
Contribution to the preparation of “to do list“
Precise preliminary calculations of the budget and provision of the invoice;
Assistance with the selection of the best suited venue and time for your event;
Effective selection of all the necessary technical equipment (which we choose, deliver, put together and take care of throughout the whole event);
Assurance that all of your guests will have received their invitations;
Organisation of transport for guests to and from the event;
Assurance everything goes according to plan;
Carrying out the registration of participants at your event;
Coordination of the event;
Organisation of transport;
Organisation of accommodation for participants and guests of the event;
Continual cooperation with you, where we take into account all your needs;
Organisation of catering;
Organisation of a possible cultural programme;
Preparation of material given out during the seminar/event (preparation, copying, publishing, binding, transfering the data into computer files;
Assurance that all participants and guests of the event are fully satisfied;
Assurance of media coverage;
Feedback of the event or seminar;
Effective completion of all other tasks assigned by you;
We are fully aware that it is not sufficient just to make an alphabetical “to do list“, it is essential that all the tasks are carried out. While your only task will be to enjoy the event and socialise with the guests.

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