According to research, 85% of consumers decide on their purchase while doing their shopping. Therefore, the main business task is to present the product in a way that it catches the consumers‘ eye and results in the purchase of the product. We have to bear in mind that the consumer is influenced by a number of factors, which might be related to the qualities of the product itself. This would be the space where the product is placed, lighting, place of the shopping centre itself etc.

In order for your product to be noticed we offer the following:
• regular visits to shops in Lithuania according to a pre-planned schedule that we have mutually agreed on;
• assurnace of planograms and of the agreed shelf space;
• information on goods shortages;
• constant collaboration with shop keepers in order to avoid a shortage of goods;
• Filling up of the shelves and other areas of sales with goods from the shop warehouse;
• Price control;
• Distribution of advertising material and the delivery of extra goods in case of a shortage;
• processing of results (using diagrams) according to cities, products, KA channels, supermarkets, comparing your results with previous periods and presenting the them according to your wishes.

We offer the whole package for the merchandising: a qualified team, working equipment and accounting services planned according to your needs. There is also the possibility of having specialist merchandisers who will work solely with your products.

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