Market research


What goes on in the market? That is the main question, which can be answered with the assistance of market research. Or in other words the “shelf monitoring“. Due to this we receive credible and detailed information on the following:
• products and their categories;
• product marketing;
• access of products to the consumer;
• completion of advertising campaigns;
• your competitors.
How is it done? By providing all the neccesary information about the market status based on data received through direct visits to shopping areas. Are the received results objective? Our specialists visit more than 300 shopping areas in Lithuania in a month, which allows us to collect information that is well-rounded, double-checked and objective.
How is that beneficial to you? There are many reasons: it will allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising promotions, discounts and special offers; you will always be informed about the activities of your competitors; you can make sure that your products are placed where they will be seen by clients; you will be able to organise special motivational programmes for your sales managers etc.
During the shelf monitoring we stay within the principles of quality, speed and flexibility. You can be assured that we will not be surprised by even the strangest wishes from you. However, we hope that you will contact us for the following services:
• regular visits to shops to collect information in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda, Siauliai and Panevezys;
• Processing the results (using diagrams) according to cities, products, KA channels, supermarkets, comparison of results with previous periods and presentation of results according to your wishes;
• “direct contact“ questionnaires;
• “possibility of quick response“ – revealing the faults within the sales supervision.

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